3. Naming the Records

  • Include four index fields for each record. Ensure that at least one is unique.
    • Last Name
    • First Name
    • D.O.B
    • Unique Health Number

eScanTech understand the advancing technology and safety standards surrounding medical records management as an opportunity. Via a Business Associates Agreement, governed by HIPAA, organizations are able to offload HIPAA liability for all records processed by eScanTech. We are able to maintain HIPAA compliance while providing high quality service, our services cover everything that your medical records staff can do and more. eScanTech carry a well-documented Notification of Breach policy, industry leading security standards, all while assisting our customers with their attestation initiatives. 

4. Counting

  • ​Count all files in your batch and count every page in each file.
  • ​Verify that every image is accounted for.
  • Paper pages = Digital pages

1. Documentation

6. Scanning

  • ​Set your scanner to 300dpi to ensure accurate replication.
  • Pages need to be fanned.
  • Operator continuously monitor the screen while one hand gently touching the batch while being feed.

5. Preparation (Absolutely Prerequisite)

PROs: Improve speed and no interruption. Eliminate misfeeds, double-feeds.

  • Remove the staples from all pages, then close the staples holes.
  • Ensure every page has a straight edge, not jagged.
  • Cut a new edge as necessary.
  • Tape down any post-it notes to a fresh piece of paper.
  • Face all paper the same way.

2. Quality Control Process

  • Select your Quality Control process in advance. We recommend ANSI Standard Z1.4 for on the spot image quality verification and troubleshooting.
  • Mitigate risks: 
    • Skip documents
    • Illegible reproduction
    • Misidentify documents

Medical Records Solutions

Super High Volume Solutions for Archiving Medical Records.

The fi-6800 Color Duplex Scanner

The Fujitsu fi-6800 sheet fed scanner helps hospitals, clinics and other healthcare organizations deal with the overwhelming volume of Medical Records with super fast scanning speeds of 130 ppm / 260 ipm to create digital images from paper.  By helping reduce the costly task of having humans prepare documents with advanced hardware-assisted features such as Auto Page Rotation, Auto orientation, Auto color detection, Intelligent blank page detection, and background smoothing, the fi-6800 assists in quickly becoming compliant with electronic health records initiatives and regulations. 

Loaded with intelligent features to allow for nearly uninterrupted batch scanning, dual-CCD image cameras and a high-capacity 500 sheet document feeder, the Fujitsu fi-6800 document scanner incorporates appealing features that help improve Medical Records automation. It is even reasonable to use this production level scanner in typical healthcare environments due to the quiet operation of the scanner.

Using eScanTech as your outsourced medical records management company transfers the full HIPAA liability for every record we process to us. We handle the notification, we handle the public relations, and we advocate for your patients well being. Our team is made of experts that:

  • Are trained superusers of multiple EMR platforms and securely fulfill records requests right out of your EMR system – without taking up a workstation on site
  • Are held to the strictest of standards for processing accuracy, everything from naming standards to data in motion is monitored and measured
  • Will begin processing Release of Information requests within 24-hours of receiving the request, lowering status calls by 90%

  • Required by CMPA in event of an audit.
  • Clarify the process.
  • Ensure that each part of your scanning process (preparation, scanning, quality assurance) is fully documented.

Healthcare Imaging Best Practices

HIPPA Management

For any hospital or doctor’s office losing valuable space to a records room or wall full of paper folders, back-file conversion is a top-priority. Critical patient data is more challenging and costly to access when it is in paper form, and provides HIPAA risks as well. And with government mandates looming for the requirements of a electronic patient records.

Important considerations: Fastest performance per dollar – recommended speed of more than 100+ pages per minute.Built-in Image Enhancement – hardware-based image enhancement ensures lowest drain on CPU.Option of portrait or landscape document feeder tray.